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    suggest me the right solution in this case


    last time, i check that my cpanel and whm isn't accessible, and even i cann't do reboot from my virtuozzo. (all attempts aren't succesful)

    all time, to do restart, i need to contact my hoster (because i don't know ssh, and restart from virtuozzo aren't successful)

    as told my hoster, my site is overloaded.

    The reasons for your problem was that your VPS had a LOT of php and mySQL processes running that ate all of your sysem resoruces. Your server load was over 60.
    in Top > VPS Services > System Services > Resources section i find such a line with red background

    cpuunits 8,000(Current Use) n/a(Soft Limić) 8,000(Hard Limit) pcs(Units) CPU share the virtual private server will get ()

    now my question?

    what do u suggest in this case,

    1. upgrade it to 512mb (just now i'm on 256mb ram)
    2. or choose semi dedicated server?

    2-3 days ago i told with sys. admins and they told me, that semi dedicated server will be the best choice for me.
    semi- dedicated: when on PIII or PIV ,server with 1gb server are hosted 5-10 sites, and all they use the same resources.
    and the chance , that all this site the same time use ate ate all sysem resoruces, are minimal?

    btw, as i know semi dedic is ~ 50$.
    VPS with 512 ~ 86-90$

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    << VPS with 512 ~ 86-90$ >>

    You should be able to find better deals that that on a VPS with 512MB RAM. Actually, you can find a decent P4 dedicated server for that price even...

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    Get a managed dedicated server, they are not much higher in price and it would be best for your sitituation.

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