Three 40 Foot Silos Stolen From Business

POSTED: 10:46 p.m. EDT April 16, 2005

MEDINA, Ohio -- Police in northeast Ohio are looking for a thief who managed to make off with a trio of 40-foot storage silos.

The structures were taken from a lot behind a defunct business

in Medina.

David Michael of Fremont bought the silos for $12,500 when the business auctioned off its property last year. He found someone last month who was willing to pay him three times as much.

But when the buyer got to the lot, the silos were gone. Michael

says he couldn't believe it. He says you'd need a crane to move the


The structures are so big that the city has to issue a

permit for anyone to move them through town.

Medina police Lieutenant Bob Starcher thinks someone might have

disassembled the silos, then trucked them away.