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    Looking for textlinks on forums, particular spot.

    Hello there,

    Im looking for textlink spots on your forums

    Requirements :-

    1) Must have atleast pr2
    2) High traffic stats. You can show me stats and i'll approve
    3) Cost range $10-$20 /month

    Most important

    The spot im looking for is just under the 'Post Reply' button of EVERY thread made in the forums.

    Thanks !

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    Would you be intrested in advertising on a free webhosting forum, here are the stats:
    Current page rank: 2
    1040 unique visitors up until today.
    forum members: 786 with 10331 posts up until today.

    Please let me know if your intrested.

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    hmm not bad, was looking for higher stats, give me some previews and i might consider thanks.

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    what are you looking to advertise?

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    Probably a Free Image Hosting Site , so i would not like a forum or place where youre already advertising another image host. And if the forum is business related, i'll put in an eBook site
    Text Link.

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    What would you consider "high traffic"?

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    Well that's why i did not mention it. Just High traffic, something you feel is Alot , and i'll be the judge

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    how does 22Million hits a month sound ?

    You have a PM with full details.
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    yup got it and replied.

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    Originally posted by RRWH
    how does 22Million hits a month sound ?

    You have a PM with full details.

    Actually, hits doesn't mean anything, you can get only 500 uniques per day and recieve 10 million hits in that day alone. Hits are just how many images load. So if you have 500 images on one page, and someone refreshes that page 100 times, thats 50,000 hits!

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    Yep, but he's got a good forum.

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