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    Logo Conversion Needed

    Last year, I hired a graphic designer to create a logo for me. He did a great job. But now that I want changes made to the logo, he's nowhere to be found, and I foolishly didn't ask him for the original file and font.

    I need someone to convert my logo from its current GIF format into a vector file that I can edit in Paintshop Pro or PS Elements.

    I also need instructions on how I can change logo text and colors once I've got a vector file.

    Please reply with rate.


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    i can do this for you, for only $10, contact information is in my signature

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    Depending on how complex (read detailed) your logo is and if the font file must not be purchased or you will purchase/provide the file if needed I would estimate $75.00 (it might be lower) to do this for you.

    If you have any questions you can pm or email (prefered) me at my website with a link to the image of your logo. We can it take further from there.

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    PixelFrag I think he requires a flattened gif file broken down into it's original per-layer elements. Might be a total redesign job tbh
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