Being a part of the Elvintoon network, LiquidSun Studios has been in production for a very long time. We have assembled good crew and many skilled people in the Web Design we do. Since 2004 we have been offering great templates to small friends, and we have recently (in 2005) became our own business, offering templates to the general public. We have unique designers and coders that will bring a spring into your templates with their own way of making templates, that you will find no where else! We at LiquidSun make SURE that LiquidSun gives you your template with satisfaction, or your money back!

LiquidSun Team.

We at LiquidSun use only the FINEST graphic artist and programmers. Picked over a period of three years, the LiquidSun team is more then qaulified to do you a custom template, or simply fine-tweak one that you want to buy from our portfolio! Our graphics team are CONSTANTLY giving us new templates to sell, and they only get in after a period of 11 Votes that say they should be sellable. Who votes? Well, you guys!

Support Team

LiquidSun offers a license for 10-day support on all of our operators, with every template package! As a bonus, we offer 20-day Installation support (which the normal customer uses only 2 hours of said support time, and usally the scrip tis insatlled within 5 minutes). For a measely 0.50 cents we will install the template for you! This usually takes (according to a poll on numerouse customer-relation boards) around three to four minutes if we install for you! The support team is a great way to get information, and to get your scripts and templates working!

We also offer a qaulity feature of FULL-SITE, which, for $50, is a feature of coding your entire site! This means a custom forum/portal/user registration system/ and lots more!


Currently we have zero (0) uploaded template portfolios. Please contact the sales representative at [email protected], for a list of any template you may want to see!

The Message

LiquidSun is looking for employment on any (ANY) project! We have over 12 projects in the list, and we have been open for a matter of a week! Get your template NOW!

The Website | We are in the process of finishing the coding on our webpage. Please contact the web design representative (or me) at the following addresses:

[email protected] - Web Design Representative
[email protected] - C.E.O #1 out of 2.


LiquidSun Apartment Offices are in the US. We currently except the following payments:

* Paypal

* Mail-in Check.

* LiquidCheck (LiquidCheck is our online custom code as an alternative to PayPal) IN DEVELOPEMENT.

We currently except the following currencies:

* Aulstralian Dollars ()
* United States Dollars ($)
* Great Britian Pound ()
* Japan Yen ()

The actual pricing of templates vary, but we have a customized menu of basic pricing.

* Full-Coded Site (with full coding, BACKTRACE feature and more)
is $100.00 USD, 130.43, 53.06, 10822.99.

* Flash Template (Flash template in low, meduim, or high qaulities) High Qaulity: $15.00, 19.56, 7.96, 1623.45.
Meduim Qaulity: $10.00 USD, 1082.3, 7.77, 5.31.
Low Qaulity: $4.00 USD, 3.91, 1.59, 324.69.

* Photoshop/Other Template (Templates other then flash, with feature addons for $1.00 a piece)

$30.00, 3246.9, 39.13, 15.92.

Security, Hosting, and Plan Addons.

We have many features and products to sell then what you have seen above. Please contact us or visit our site (currently under construction) for a complete list of our products including security, hosting, and extra features like BACKTRACE.