We are currently in the process of upgrading our links from London to Manchester to full GigE. We will be keeping current our 100Mbps circuits as backups.

As such we are offering some time limited discounts on London to Manchester Interconnects. Anyone signing up in the initial period will stay at that rate for the full period of their contract.

Pricing is as follows :

1Mbps = 25/Mbps (on 10Mbps port)
10Mbps = 20/Mbps (on 10Mbps port) = (200/month)

10Mbps = 22/Mbps (on 100Mbps port) = (220/month)
20Mbps = 20/Mbps (on 100Mbps port) = (400/month)
50Mbps = 17/Mbps (on 100Mbps port) = (850/month)
100Mbps = 15/Mbps (on 100Mbps port) = (1500/month)

From Any of the following London Datacenters :

Telehouse East
Telehouse North
Redbus Meridian Gate
Redbus Sovereign House
Redbus Harbour Exchange
Telecity Harbour Exchange
Global Switch 1

Citylifeline (Excess 5/Mbps Charge)
Level3 Goswell Road (Excess 5/Mbps Charge)
IXEurope Heathrow (Excess 5/Mbps Charge)
Telehouse Metro (Excess 5/Mbps Charge)

to any of the following Manchester Datacenters :

Telecity Kilburn House
Internet Facilitators 1 (IFL1)
Internet Facilitators 2 (IFL2)
Telecity Williams House (Excess may be required, please enquire)

If anyone is interested or would like further information, please either PM me, email sales @ c4l.co.uk or call our sales team on 0808 163 1155 (please quote Forum2 offer when calling sales).



P.S. We are also looking for referrals on the interconnect - commission paid on any provided that sign up.