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    [Paid] Php programmer to do Image Hosting Script

    Looking to creat the attached project and make it happen. The faster the better. Please grasp the concept of why this script is different then oher image hosting scripts.

    Objective – To create an image hosting site targeted towards forums and site of that nature. Unlike other image hosting sites we would like to provide the viewer of the “forums” convenient way of viewing images by only displaying thumbnails and then when clicked they view the full image on your site. This would be especially beneficial to users on slower connections.

    Key features –
    To user modes; not registered and registered
    +Not registered users should easily be able to upload an image. (Such as ImageShack "." us)
    +Registered users will be able to upload multiple images at once
    +Ability to set image file size (for non registered users) (ImageMagik)
    +Ability to automatically resize original image to max size (for registered users) (Imagemagik)
    +Max size should be adjustable by admin (both pixels and file size)
    +Important: The image has a thumbnail and the code for the images thumbnail is displayed so when it is clicked on our site opens up in a new window displaying the image. This needs to be a page as it will have ads on it.
    +When multiple images are uploaded at once the user should still be able to copy and paste all of the code at one time.
    +Allow image descriptions (and possible comments) at the time of upload.
    +Images are automatically deleted (along with the thumbnail) if there has been no hits in 30 days.
    +Prevention from users hot linking the original image by hiding the image location in the URL and other methods. (Example hxxp://

    +Again, I want the viewer to see the thumbnail(s) on the forum, e-mail etc... and then when they click the thumbnail the full image is displayed on our site with our header, footers, ads etc... The shouldn't be able to view the full image directly.

    All inquires please e-mail me at [email protected] or my msn is [email protected] . If you already have premade script that does this, GOOD! =)

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    Note: I'd like to have done this weekend.

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