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  1. #1 free webhosting?

    I need a free webhost that I can use with my domain, and that I can just use DNS.
    I don't really need things like php or mysql, and I don't really need that much space either.
    Please if you know of one then tell me, because I really need one.

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    this is a website for payed hosting i think you want

    but with prices these days i would go for payed.. can be a better service.
    E:magineHosts (Department Of E:magine Limited)
    emagine the possibilities
    Aaron - CTO, founder & Director Of Technical Support/Customer Support/Technology of E:magine Limited
    Windows,Linux, VPS Hosting environments

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    Take a look at

    You have to go into the forums and request a free account, but they respond pretty quick.


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