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    home partition, what you think, do you have?

    On my new cPanel server I don`t have /home partiton, only:

    /dev/hda2 7.7G 537M 6.8G 8% /
    /dev/hda1 76M 25M 48M 35% /boot
    none 501M 0 501M 0% /dev/shm
    /dev/hda7 1012M 33M 928M 4% /tmp
    /dev/hda6 8.7G 2.1G 6.2G 25% /usr
    /dev/hda5 7.7G 401M 7.0G 6% /var

    Do you have partiton for home dir? On my old server I have partition for home dir...

    What you think about this? My HD = 120GB


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    Nope , I don't have partition /home . I am curious too, why one choose default home directory has it's own partition ? Any advantage ?
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