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    29 5 Star .coms on eBay - No luck - what to do?

    Anyone have any luck selling domains on eBay?

    I just did an auction for 29 PREMIUM *5 Star* dot COMS and though I didn't know if anyone would bid the price I wanted I thought I would at least get some bites.

    I wanted to PAY for a featured ad on TOP of the listings but when you are new you cant - which sucks. How do you ever get to the point of having a good seller rating if your auction is buried on page 12 where no one will see it?

    I guess I should have started advertising the portfolio for sale on forums a couple months ago. They are almost ready to expire so dont know if it's worth it now.
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    i'd advice you to try sites or domain related forums better for selling domains such as at webhostingtalk advertising forum domain name offers and requests.
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    what i did to have enough feedback is selling gmail invitations at $0.30
    You pay 0.30 insertion fee so you'll earn nothing but you'll have your feedbacks
    And to add a forum to bashar's list, there is also

    Good luck !

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    Re: 29 5 Star .coms on eBay - No luck - what to do?

    Originally posted by 4affiliates
    Anyone have any luck selling domains on eBay?
    I'm having the same problem too! Not getting any hits nor bids... so far just 9 hits and it's ending tomorrow It's a decent domain name imo, registered 'till 2012, and starting bid is insanely cheap! Ugh.... we'll see

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