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    Angry Moneybookers - no support at all

    With Ikobo closing their merchant systems , Moneybookers was my only option left , so i went and registered an account , already recieved a payment .....

    I want to use their credit card processing services , and for that you need to email them. Email who ? they don't have the word "support" nowhere on their site. I sent them an email 10 days ago , no answer. A friend of mine also sent an email to the address that is in charge of merchants , no answer. Outrageous.

    Do they answer emails at the end of the year or what ? I want to be approved for their Merchant Gateway service , and for that i need to send an email which they aren't replying.
    I should try a phone call ,although i doubt that they'll understand my spelling

    What a big ...

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    Last time Moneybookers took two weeks to reply to my email.
    I think they will reply you, but just take some time only.

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    Why not to go to some more easy options?
    You can try to get own merchant account.
    Credit card processing, online check/ACH and EuroDebit payment solutions for the Internet merchants

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    Wow Cavalry , that's a fast reply

    I don't really have other options , as i'm from Romania , and my bank account is in my local currency ....

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    Absolutely outrageos , providing INTERNET based solution and giving a total s*** about customers ...

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