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    [FOR SALE] 2 active sites for sale

    I'm selling the following two sites:

    Free blogging site. Based on a revised boastMachine v3.0 platinum. Works OK, but reccommend to update this as traffic continues to grow.

    A little short of 1500 members. Currently traffic is very low, though, as the site hasn't been maintained well. Good potential with the current base of clients, though.

    A search for "" on google returns about 400 hits.

    Free photo hosting site. 7309 files, viewed 107806 times. About 1100 users. Powered by Coppermine Photo Gallery and easy to maintain. Sees a bit of traffic, but hasn't been growing.

    A search for "" on google returns 22,700 hits!

    Many of the users are the same, as all Freephoto-i.NET members were invited to join Twoblog for free some time ago.

    Together these sites have averaged in the range of 2000 - 4000 pageviews pr day - with some days breaking 8 000.

    Google Adsense ads on both sites, with roughly 3 000 clicks since november last year. Google does not permit me to give more details.

    I have absolutely zero time to maintain these sites. They really need someone who can nurse them back to where they used to be. I will therefore consider any serious offer.

    They are not making big bucks at the moment, but have great potential.

    Offers on PM or by post to this thread (latter preferred).

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    What's your asking price for the first site?
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    I'd prefer to sell the two sites together if that's of interest to someone.

    As I've mentioned is an interesting site, but it's seeing minimal traffic at the moment. It justed to be 400 - 1200 pageviews pr day, but it's now from 75 - 350. It dropped fairly fast as there was a problem with the front page and it took 3-4 days before I spotted it because (as I mentioned) I'm shamefully neglecting these sites.

    Anyway, I have no idea of the price range. I'd guess we'd be looking at the lowerish US$xxx for both sites together based on current profit from clicks + whatever you feel the potential of the sites are worth.

    As I mentioned, I'll consider any offer, because they deserve a better fate.

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    Currently have an offer of US$ 100 for freephoto-i.NET (not incl

    I will give a couple of months free hosting to buyer as to make sure the move from one server to the other is smooth and uncomplicated.

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    PM me the money your approximately win with Adsense per month (ask google's permission first)

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