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    Anti Fraud Steps

    Hello, everyone. Question is, what steps do you take to check new sign ups to protect against fraud? IP lookup, phone call?

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    Welcome to the forums Shortcirk!

    IP lookup is a start - the phone call is another way. And then of course, you can always fax them a CC authorization as well. Some hosting comnpanies even block free email accounts.

    The more things you do - you improve your chances on getting less fraud. You have to also take a look at what type of fraud it is as well.

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    Just to contact again the customer by email and ask him to confirm some information. This simple step scars many scammers. They don't reply and you don't need to proceed their order.
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    You could use fraud screeners, however, doing things manually is ok too.
    Two things that you *must* do:
    - Verify submitted personal information against domain WHOIS (if applicable) If they don't match, contact both parties.

    - Look-up IP to see if it matches the submitted location

    Disabling or not advertising instant account activation is also another good measure.
    As mentioned above phoning the client and verifying is also a good measure. If you are worried about high phone bill costs due to international calls, then invest in VoIP (e.g. Skype) to get some good rates.
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