Hey there

I have an Access DB with a bunch of tables that has info that I want to display on a website...

Basically... its a music themed directory type of site organized alphabetically that im wanting to make.

In my access database the details are stored in tables (1 table per letter, so all singers starting in A are in 1 table, all starting with B another and so on...)

My table looks like.....

line1: URL to the site...
line2: Signer name - Song title
line3 blank
line4: URL to the site...
line5: Signer name - Song title
line6: blank

... and so on and so on =)

What I need is for this file to be read in asp.net and the output to shows a page like

(Singer name here) - Song Song Title
(Singer name here) - Song Song Title
(Singer name here) - Song Song Title

..etc etc etc - So the song title is also the link.

Does anyone know how I can do this - or will accept $10 for a working example? If the above info doesnt make sence the feel free to PM with any questions