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    Aquiring domain names

    How easy is it to aquire a domain name that is being used for just a standard crappy ad and search page? I figure that should be easy to buy.

    How difficult is it to wrest control of a domain if the name is pretty much the same as your company but some upstart free email service has registered it? I figure they won't want to sell it but I can afford to burn money on legal bills and I doubt they can.. might get it that way by them just saying "ok, here, take it and go away".

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    Not all domains with "standard crappy ad search page" are cheap, for example take a look at the owner will definitely ask for at least $75k for this domain. If there is a developed website then the "Buy Now" price will also include monthly earnings average.

    The price always depends on the domain name, search engine popularity and backlinks. Also take a look at, simple page, almost no content and not a great name. But searching in google reveals over 23,000 backlinks. [ We are online Since 2004! ]
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    they usualy park it and gain money from the traffic.

    i doubt u'll get an offer for less than $1,000 for any of the domains parked there.

    unless it was the registrar parking page which shows by default who knows
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    you might try to make an offer to the domainer by getting his name in the whois.
    Tell him that he will never sell this domain for such a high price, etc..

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