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    My name is Paul Thomas, I have been programming (or web programming) for over seven years now. Currently, I know over five languages: HTML, XHTML, CSS, CGI/Perl, and PHP. I also have minor knowledge in: XML, dHTML, and JavaScript. I've also used several databases, such as: MySQL, PostgreSQL, mSQL, Oracle, etc.. When I can find the time in my life, I try to learn more languages. I started learning C but haven't learned much as of yet, since I just started and don't have much time to study.

    I'm in search for graphic designers and/or web design firms/companies that are in need of a very experienced programmer to slice and code their templates/layouts. I have been with several companies, giving them my programming services, and I have a very large handful of personal references (via AIM and/or Email). A lot of my work isn't online anymore, but I still have a few examples of my programming abilities.

    Aside from programming HTML/XHTML/CSS I also have a lot of experience in programming in either the CGI/Perl language or the PHP language. I've done custom jobs such as Content Managers (mostly for team/clan based websites or hosting companies), I've programmed custom forums, and several other scripts/engines. I'm available to provide custom coding/programming jobs for your clients needs.

    I get paid by a project-to-project basis. I have charged past companies around $50 per layout/design to code into either validated XHTML 1.0 Strict, validated HTML 4.01, and validated CSS. I had stopped providing services for such companies due to several reasons, including a never increase in the price I ask for. I wanted to raise my price to around $75 per layout/design due to my experience in the field. I then decided to leave the companies to search for a higher paying company, but I'm still in search. Because the search is taking me so long, I will be lowering my rates to $50 per layout/design once again.

    Custom programming is also priced by a per project basis. I generally calculate the pricing for custom programming/coding by what type of programming/coding is needed to complete the project, how long it will take me to finish the project, and then set a price for the project. For example, simple content managers (around 6-8 pages) are generally cheap -- around $75-$100 -- and can be completed within a day or two.

    If anyone is hiring or interested in hiring an advanced programmer, or have any questions feel free to contact me:

    AIM: Shadur Vras
    MSN: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]

    If you contact me via messenger, please let me know that you're from WebHostingTalk within your first message, so I will know. I get spam type messages from time to time. I'm available throughout most of the day, except weekends. I'm usually not available during the weekends, only when I'm a little behind in a project will I be on during the weekends. Other than that, I'm on most of the day, either from 9:00am - 5-7:00pm eastern, or from 2:00pm - 12-1:00 am eastern.

    I will let everyone know now that I will be most likely working for several companies at once, this gives me constant work each week instead of only one or two projects per week. I can handle a great amount of work load.

    Thanks for your time, interests, and for reading my post. I prefer messenger contact, or email contact, over private messages via WebHostingTalk.

    Paul Thomas

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    A few years ago I gave this guy a VERY nice reseller hosting package in exchange for some perl programming. He kept me dangling for a few months and then hasnt logged on for 2 years.

    Not a reliable coder.

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    Thanks, Billy Engler, but it was YOU who bailed out. Your payment was the reseller package. I gave YOU money to keep the server going so that I could keep the reseller going to gain enough money for the massive project you have given me.

    For the past several months I have been trying to get in contact with you, but you just decided to block me and/or ignore me.

    I keep what I say by heart, I will continue your project, but I expect the employer to keep what they say; Where is my reseller? Exactly, gone - along with your server, no doubt. Did I blame you and/or flame any of your posts as a UNRELIABLE server/reseller/hoster? No.

    I lost my computer a while back (NOT two years ago, I had met my girlfriend two years ago and our anniversary will be in a few months, so we've known eachother for around half a year) so I had to get a temporary job to get a new computer so I could continue programming. I received this new computer around two months ago, and I have a HUGE handful of personal references who will post on THIS forum to prove it because I had started a personal project called "Gamers Impulse", a few weeks before my computer died on me, that already had at least 15 staff members aboard ( 10 of those staff members are still loyal enough to stick around while I program this project and are loyal enough to post for me. Do YOU have loyal customers to do that for you?

    If you want to resolve this as I have been trying to for several, several, months now you will contact me via AIM and/or Email instead of posting under my post trying to make me look bad, when you're the one who is unrealiable. You know our agreements, and you folded them. Don't blame me for your own actions.

    Good day.

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    For those of you who are wondering how I know it's "Billy Engler"; that is because that was the LAST CGI/Perl project I have received before AND after my computer has died on me, the rest has been PHP projects. I have several new clients that I have finished their work before their expected time, that I'm sure are ready to post for me.

    Do not flame someone without resonable cause, *******.

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    I suggest you contact me within a few days after you see this post (since you won't answer my AIM messages) to resolve this. As I said before (which I admit, I was angry) I can still continue and finish your project.

    Just contact me.

    To all who see this, am I not trying to resolve this even though it wasn't entirely my fault?
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    He never gave my company any money. and leeched off us for months until his "sudden" disappearance. As I stated before, he isnt a reliable coder and as you can tell from his multiple post, gets very angry very easily. When I would ask when he was going to finish my script, he would just lose it.
    again, not a reliable coder.

    oh yeah, and I find that your not completing my work reason enough to "flame". Also, I do not finding WARNING people about your lack of completion flaming.

    Furthermore, My company remained open for months after you didnt log on for almost a year. And I still have the same AIM names that Ive always had and youve NEVER contacted me.

    and response to your sig msg. I dont really care to have this "resolved". All you ever did was finish an in-site pm system that you could of just ripped off a free perl site. You had your reseller account for several months and that is all you ever finished. A PM system...
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    I disagree, with proof:

    Payment Sent (ID #156226909R489815M)
    Name: Billy Engler
    Email: [email protected]
    Total Amount: -$28.00 USD
    Payment Sent (ID #6UG99445JX015964J)
    Name: Billy Engler
    Email: [email protected]
    Total Amount: -$23.00 USD

    I had to dig into my PayPal records for those, and they are valid. I gave your company more money than I actually gained from your company, or you, to do the project, which only totalled around $20 - I'll dig those records up too if I must.

    The project we agreed on would have costed you well into the $200-300's. If not more than that, because you wanted everything custom, including the forums. Custom forums alone isn't cheap.

    Your company died ages ago, and that is when you stopped responding to me. I quote from you "I dont really care to have this 'resolved'." which justifies that you don't answer my messages and continue not to do so, therefore I would say our agreement has been void. It was void when the server went down for months, making me lose the small amount of customers I had, then swore up and down that you were getting a new dedicated server. That happened, but you couldn't afford it after the first month, so you lost it and you either left and/or just stopped responding to my messages.

    So, what is your companies name now? Vovex was a company you and your friend owned and IdleHosting you owned personally. What is the companies names now? My guess is that it's different so that you can run away from past customers, am I wrong?

    My domain is gone ( which was under your name/companies name, your domain is gone ( as well as your other domain is gone ( You ran, I stayed. My computer died on me (It was well over six years old with a 500MHz processor), I came back and you blame everything on me.

    I will also mention, you are the only person I didn't finish work for due to all that happened. As I said, I can bring a huge handful of past clients who are all happy of the work I've done. Not to mention several web design companies.

    "When I would ask when he was going to finish my script, he would just lose it." Not a "script", a large system. I didn't "lose it", I simply told you that I needed to gain enough money from that "free" reseller to compensate the large amount of work I needed to put towards your project. I won't do a large system that you wanted for $20 some dollars.

    "And I still have the same AIM names that Ive always had and youve NEVER contacted me." I can't send you messages if you block me. Hence the blocking feature. I can't email you, because the emails to contact you are to domains that are down.

    "You had your reseller account for several months and that is all you ever finished. A PM system..." - and I only received $20 some dollars with that reseller. I'm glad thats all I did because you bailed out and couldn't afford the server my reseller account was on. Phew, dodged a large bullet, but lost $51.00 USD that I had sent you to help your "company" out.

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    Oh, I will also add something. I don't "rip" my programs/scripts from anyone. I code everything custom, from scratch, using nothing but notepad.

    There was no such script available as unique as the one I was making, and you know that. You sat there and looked at previews of it AS I was building it. So, you can shove that comment.

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    Thanks man, I appreciate your comment. I will be contacting you as soon as possible.

    Thanks again.

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