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    Web Designer Needed

    Hi, Iím looking for a web designer to redesign our website ( weíre growing very fast and have outgrown the whole website template. Here are the current issues weíre having this current design.

    - Navigation isnít very good between pages
    - Uses flash for the navigation
    - Does not expand to the entire browser
    - Not very easy to modify (ie: cannot use a header and footer file on all pages uses multiple files to make it easier to modify content
    - Content area is not very big so unable to include mrtg graphs, network information and many other things

    So what Iím looking for in a new design

    - Navigation is very easy possibly the use of dhtml/javascript menu of some kind in some sort of top menu
    - Very little to no flash
    - Expands on browsers that are bigger than 800x600 and looks good
    - Easy to modify so just have the ability for a header and footer file and the content in the middle
    - Decent size content area to add everything
    - Easy to modify navigation part so for other stuff such as customer area and what not can easily have navigation for it specifically
    - Must be a clean but nice looking design

    On a budget somewhat but itís not insanely small by any means

    If you could pm me with your portfolio as well as the sort of prices you charge and Iíll get back to you
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    I'm very interested. Please contact me.

    Thank you
    .-=={[(' Sitedesigner ')]}==-.

    ~Entrepreneur at heart~ Pm me.

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    I am interested, PM Sent.

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    Count me in, I will message you in a short while.

    Thanks ___Interactive Design
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