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  1. #1 is for sale! Natural traffic, highly ranked, 6+ mons, PR5..etc

    I finally came to my senses and realized that I just had too many websites to handle while in Medical School. I also don't want to spend the time and resources to make this into a paying Image Host.

    Note: This is not run-of-the-mill image host. It has natural traffic, PR, high search engine rankings, and age.

    PR: 5
    Traffic: Well, it recently shot up to close to 200 unique IPs a day because of new SE rankings...details:

    Free Image Host- #4 (#1 a few days ago)
    Image Host - #17 (#4 a few days ago)

    Hmm.. i was listed in the teens yesterday, but can't seem to find it tonight. Well, the rankings are always changing

    Google- (sandboxed)
    allinanchor:free image host- #8

    The site has been established since October of 2004. Hosting will be provided until June 27th on Lunarpages.

    Site has made revenue before, mostly from banner advertising (@ $25/month) and a few dollars from Adsense.

    There are already a number of backlinks that I collected. Site uses a free script. There are more than 1,100 files (non-adult), and 260+ members.

    I'm asking for $xxx via PayPal or check (must wait for clearance)

    I'll be accepting bids until Wednesday night. Please post questions and bids here.

    There is a lot of potential, especially if you convert this site into a subscription site by using scripts like
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    Oh, and I was getting $15/mon for a text link. So during the "hey-day", it was drawing in $40/month, with no advertising.

    Another note: Archive.ORG has indexed us on Oct. 2004 too.

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    you looking for high, mid or low $xxx
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    Anything goes really...

    Low, Medium or High?

    I guess I should give a number then.. let's say start at $200? I'll accept BIN (Buy It Now) bids until midnight on Monday.

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    Ive seen a few imagehosting sites with more traffic going for a fair amount less in all honesty. Your site does look good though - nice clean layout.
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    Oh? Ok, then start the bidding at whatever you guys feel is the 'Right Price'.

    Thanks for the tidbit of info :-)

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    i`ll begin the bidding 50$ , it`s just a beginning

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    Current Stats

    Ok, so as of 10:30 EST SUN, I've gotten few bids already. Someone also requested exact stats, so here is the most recent update:

    # of users- 260

    Total Files- 1,105

    Total Space Usage- 113,112.78 KB (~113megs)

    Bandwidth so far this month- 5469.67MB (~5.5gigs)
    (I would estimate that the estimated bandwidth used this month will be more than double this number because of the new search engine rankings)

    Current Hosting allows for 3gigs of storage and 40gigs of BW.

    # of unique IPs for FRI- 178

    # of pageviews for FRI- 418

    Current bid: 300USD

    I give you my word that all the information I just presented to be true and double checked.

    I will try to have another update of bids and reply to all PMs and questions tonight, although it may be delayed until tomorrow morning- I'm studying for the Pathology Final (it's a bitch)

    Please be serious about your bid. I expect a transfer of funds immediately after this ends on Wednesday. I don't have time for "second thoughts" or "Just realized I don't have enough funds"...etc. Thanks :-)
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    Hypothetical situation

    (I always see this on EBay--> could help boost the amount i can get for this sale, so bear with me )

    Here is just a hypothetical situation (not saying that this will happen)-

    Let's say you get about 1,000 unique visitors a week (not far fetched, that's only 150 unique IPs/day). Of those 1,000 visitors, 00.5% of them decide to subscribe to a reasonable $5.00/mon. subscription to (like through That's $25 worth of a monthly subscription from only 5 people for that one week. You multiply that by 4, for a month, and you have a steady income of $100/month ontop of the banner and text link ads.

    hmm.. now that i think about it, i am having second thoughts of selling it too :-p.. well, I promised myself to get rid of this site for the sake of having more studying time and getting into Surgery in the future. I guess it's like a punishment for me for failing my last exam.

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    Re: Hypothetical situation

    How is this site hosted?
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    "How is this site hosted?"
    It is definitely not dedicated, so I suppose it is co-location/ shared on Lunarpages.

    *** the following is basically a reiteration of what was posted in the beginning- however, some people seem to want me to repeat what was stated ***

    I've also been getting questions like, "How long has this site been established" or "How much do you get from advertising"...etc. I don't mind answering them again, but please read my first post- most of the information is there.

    The site was established in Oct. 2004, and has been indexed by all the search engines and since that time. This site uses a free script so I was not able to integrated any paid hosting, so obviously there is potential for paying members (especially with the organic listings).

    Stated bluntly, there are no paying members, and the only revenue is from the minimal ad spots that I sold and a little in Adsense. There are 260+ free members.

    The value of the site is in its age, organic ranking and natural traffic (search engines). Please note the positions this site holds in Yahoo and MSN.

    NOTE: I do not want to wait until Wednesday for the completion of the auction.... it's getting too close to exams.

    NEW auction deadline: Tues, 11:59pm
    Highest bid: $300

    Serious bids only!

    Post questions here (but read my posts first please- your question may already be answered here)
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    im interested. But from what i see the pr is from site wide of 2 sites.
    Will the links stay after the purchase .. i dun wan it to drop to a pr1 after the purchase...

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    Actually, if the winner doesn't mind, I would like to continue linking to, granted that there is still some free image hosting. The users at my main site needs a website to upload diagrams and graphs for their homework questions.

    Bid is at $300

    Ends at 11:59pm Tues, 4/19 EST.

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    Thanks for all the bids and attention :-)

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