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    Cannot Play .CDA

    My Windows Media Player 9 refuses to play .cda extensions (CD Audio files) and not for the life of me can I figure out why. Yes, I have checked the Microsoft support page, I have checked tools for audio / digital play and it still does not work. The message I get is that it does not recognize this file type. Any tips? Thanks in advance.

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    Of course you can't. Just play the CD it self. Copying .cda files will not work because its only window's method of showing links to the files on the CD. On the now playing tab, bring the pull down menu to your CDROM/DVD drive which house the CD and it'll start playing.
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    I never said anything about copying. I am saying that when I place an original CD in the CD ROM Drive and Windows Media Player comes up it simply does not play it. I have seen others having this problem on the net, but it is like a mystery how to solve it.

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    Upgrade to Windows Media Player 10 and see if that solves your problem. Could be an issue with another audio program you have installed, which ones do you have installed currently? Also, which version of Windows are we talking?

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    I am using ME and therefore cannot go up to 10 as that is for XP. I have suspicion that other programs are causing the problem, and yet if I try to play CD through winamp it will not play it either, so I guess it is not only WMP.

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    Solution: Move away from DOS powered legacy of 95,98,ME (barely disguised) to a real operating system: Windows 2000 (with latest SP), XP, Linux
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    Does this problem happen on CD's that play without problem on a non-computer CD player? Is it only a particular troublesome CD?

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    I tried them on another computer and it works fine.

    NOTE: please stop telling me to upgrade. I would just like to fix the current problem at hand and would like someone who knows what to look for in the registry to help. Thanks.

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    Issue solved... delete CD rom specs from this folder:


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