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    I want to mess around with a few things in a VPS, has them for 10 bucks, anyone tried them? Issues ? Praise ?
    Thanks For your Help.

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    Looks like a client of ThePlanet.
    14 225 ms []
    15 229 ms []
    16 227 ms []
    So you may want to check-out ThePlanet as well.

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    Originally posted by dalechou
    Looks like a client of ThePlanet.

    So you may want to check-out ThePlanet as well.
    I like the planet a lot, my current site is hosted at there Datcentre.
    But I was wondering about JuicyVPS,support,billing,etc

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    I personally have never heard of them. Less than $10 for a vps looks a bit fishy to me though.

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    I host my site at that company for 2 weeks. Here is my little review: My shared hoster suspended my account for exsessive processor use, so i was in rush looking for something more reliable. I found that juicy thing on google and price/value was incredible. for 30 dollars they promised me 512 mb ram or something like that. Anyway, they installed CentOs and some control panel which i hated. It was webmin with prettier icons. After 4 days I realized that in order to add second domain to my account i had to buy licence for that panel for ~250 dollars, but thats not all. I get to work arond 9 am every mourning and found my server frozen. Every single mourning, brothers! Chats with customer support and the guy told me to kill all dead processes by hand every mourning. After moving to different vps, i never had one zombie process since! Must be some bug in os, or they didnt provide me what was promised. I really think they didnt. Performance of the server was no better than shared hosting and maybe worst. But no complaints about customer service, always reliable, prompt answers and tips...
    Conclusion: They are definately overselling, ~250$ control panel but very good support. I was gone after 2 weeks.

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