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    Exclamation [For Hire] Site Management, Daily Backups, Advice Giving, Research, ETC.

    Hello, my names Ron and Ive been here at WHT for a few years now. Im posting here because Im in dire need of money. I recently got an apartment and after a month, I lost my job (layed off). I currently attend school so I cannot work much anywhere else without the schedule interfering with my school hours.

    I can currently work from 3PM PST - 9PM PST on weekdays and 10AM PST - 10PM PST weekdays and holidays.

    I have quite a few skills, here are some of the major ones:

    -I can update your website(s) for you
    -I can manage your website for you
    -I can offer email and live tech support (no sales, only support)
    -I can download daily backups of your websites for you, so in case something happens, I will always have a backup (good for those webmasters with low speed connection and their host not providing backups)
    -I can be a sort of manager for you, I can do anything you want me to
    -I can do research for you, if you are too busy to do something, let me do it for you
    -If you are a busy person and run a webhosting company, I can help you develop better customer relations. I will provide support and work with your customers doing anything they need. I will update their sites, help them make a site, teach them (or you) how to do things, etc.
    -I can do some web development and (x)HTML coding

    I can do more things then this so if theres something that you need but isnt listed above, please PM me or reply here and ask.

    What Im looking for:
    No healthcare plans or dental or 401k's or anything special like that. I just need about $500 monthly, if you hire me, you dont have to pay $500 monthly as I am willing to work for up to 5 people doing things, $500 split 5 days will be what you will have to pay me. I prefer to be paid ahead of time, but if you need to develop trust in me, I am fine with that.

    My location: Bellingham, Washington State
    If there are any jobs available in this area that you wish for me to do, I am more then willing to do them for you.

    If interested, please reply here or PM me.

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    Ron, I PM'd you

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