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    Vps - cPanel software support


    I'm planning to have a vps hosting package from servint or powervps with cPanel installed (because i know it from my shared hosting packages) i will use it just for one website so i want to have php 5 installed (since there will be no users may complain, i want to use php 5's features). Is it possible or easy to install php 5 on a vps account? People said cPanel doesn't support php 5 so i cannot do it if i want to use cPanel. Is that right?


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    CPanel does work with PHP5 but, it does not work well with it. I would recommend staying with the Edge tier of CPanel and perhaps it will be the most compatible with PHP5. You can use "buildapache" which is a module that comes with CPanel and install PHP5 with a few clicks.
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    Yup, I have tried it with Cpanel and it is still a bit buggy, although its better than it was, if its only for 1 account then it will do no harm trying it, what features of php5 is is you want to make use of?

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    I want to use the new object model on my new project.

    Since it is just one domain/root user i need, would you suggest any other control panel software (such as directadmin) may support php 5?
    Or just root access maybe, would it be so painfull for someone like me who does't know much about linux platforms? Because, i'm considering no control panel solution as an opportunity to start learning linux platforms, enough to manage a web server.

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