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    * Euro VPS: very good performance and service

    I have been with Euro VPS just for a week, so I know some will say it's too early for a review, but what I wanted to say is that the guy behind this company, Vasili, is extremely helpfull: I am no expert when it comes to Plesk, and he has answered all my questions during my "induction" very quick, in a very polite manner, and at out of hours times or over the week end. He is behind the phone as well, and he seems like a nice person

    I am based in UK, their servers are based in the Netherlands, and for what I can tell, the performance is very good from the UK, very low pings and very good speed.

    For the resellers (I have a reseller package) the IBM xseries Red Hat Entreprise Linux 3 Quad Xeons with 8GB of RAM servers make a real robust solution for your web sites, and in top of that you can get lots of bandwidth for very affordable prices, specially considering they are based in Europe. They offer you the choice of Windows or Linux.

    They do VPS and dedicated servers too, always a quite good prices and you can get really high bandwidth (as much as 100mb unmetered) on the dedicated services. They do as well colocation.

    I will post again in a few months, for a more detailed review,as I am sure I will remain a customer with this company for quite a while.

    My only regret is to have not found this gem much earlier.
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    I'm glad to hear that you're happy with them.

    What domain do you have hosted with them?
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    I am not using my reseller account for commercial purposes, so I rather not tell...

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