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    Share Half-Rack at CalPOP

    I want to get a half-rack @ If anyone would like to colo there with me (yes i know they have had their problems) please let me know. To keep it standard I'm asking $70 per-1U, and that will include the shared bandwith on this page, I can handle any other details such as setting it up, support, emergency repairs. Please send me a PM and we can discuss it.

    You can see the plan I'm getting on the page, just click colocation.

    PM If your interested.


    p.s. Hopefully this is in the right forum...I'm not doing this to start a business doing it, only to help cover the costs of a half-rack as I don't plan on growing past that.

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    No one can PM you until you reach five posts .

    You might wish to charge whoever you're sharing with by per U, per Mbps, and per 15 min or 30 min of your time.

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    Whops on that, well here is my 3rd post!

    I'm not looking at this right now as a way to make money selling colocation services to people, I just want to be able to safely cover the cost of a half rack of space. If everything works well and everyone is happy then perhaps I could consider setting up rates and so on.

    The $70 will cover my time to set it up, and CalPOP provides free reboots as well, so minor issues shouldn't be a problem. In the event of a serious server issue I would not mind running to LA to fix it. What I'm looking for is few nice and honest people to share the space with me.


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    If you offer someone use of your cabinet priced only by amount of space, they might end up *costing* you money.

    BTW: Why are you trying to split a half cabinet? CalPop offers quarters as well.

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    Sorry it took so long for me to reply, it was my dad's birthday today...or well yesterday, so we were out.

    I may charge based on services, but I'd really like to get a feel for whoever takes some of the space and get to know their needs, we can discuss those prices then.

    I would probably ask for around $50 for me to go out there and take care of whatever it is, nothing takes too long, unless it's reinstalling an os, or something like that. Most of the minor issues though calpop can take care of quickly, if they can't I can run there to do it and make sure everything is taken care of the same day and quickly, this is probably the biggest advantage anyone would get over colocating with calpop directly since they have a lot of customers and are usually very busy.

    In regards to why I'm not getting a half rack.. I want to rent out the rest of the space to pay for my colo space, I'm a poor developer without funds, and I'd like a nice server that I can play with and use to design things. If I rent out the rest of the space then that should pay for my own hosting there.

    I can guarantee anyone that this will be a long term thing and reliable. I plan on being there for at least two years.


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    The line "In regards to why I'm not getting a half rack.. " should have read "In regards to why I'm not getting a quarter rack.. ".

    On a side note, I have no problem meeting whoever is interested in person or whatever it takes to prove I'm credible. I don't expect anyone to just blindly trust me with their hardware, so please don't be scared by this, I'll do my best to make sure you feel safe and prove myself.

    p.s. I'm at 5 posts now! So I can receive PMs.

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    This sounds like this should be in the advertising forum...
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    Your probably right, but I was looking at this more as finding some partners to share the space with. I'm not looking at this as "going into the hosting business," rather just looking for some nice people to share the cost of the space with.

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