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    What do you think of this tft?

    Hi everyone,

    the other day I decided to take the leap into the murky waters of tft monitors. There is one word which describes them, wow. I can't believe how clear everything is!

    Anyway, I've now decided to replace all my crt monitors with tft screens. Unfortunately, the place where I bought my first tft have now sold out . But, i have located another monitor of the same price and was wondering what you all think of it.


    So, looking at the specs and the pic, what are you opinions?

    Many Thanks, James

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    15inches is a bit small I find. I would go for 17inch minimum. However if you are happy with 1024*768 then it will be fine for your needs.

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    Things I don't like about that monitor:

    Only 15".
    Only 300:1 contrast ratio.
    No DVI input
    Not a great viewing angle.

    It's OK for basic usage. However, doing anything special with it won't work well. For example, playing a game.

    It really depends on your budget. I've found that investing in a decent LCD/TFT is worth it. I paid ~350 for the NEC MultiSync LCD1760NX around 3 years ago. 17", 16ms response, etc. Only now am I going to replace it (with a 19" Hyundai L90D+), but this monitor has served me well for 3 years, playing games like CS, HL2, BF1942 etc.
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    Well, I've currently got which is now out of stock, so basically I just want one similar to that.

    Many Thanks, James

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    Oh, i forgot, I'm not really a gaming person, I don't own any games consoles and have never played a game on my pc, so the monitor does not need to have the highest specs

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    Anyone else have any comments on the monitor in question?

    Many Thanks, James

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    Slightly OT: Ah Novatech, haven't ordered from them for years, back in the day they were one place you could always count on for A+++ service, I'll have to check them out again, they still the same?. Guess I'm cheap now using the like of,, aria.
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