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    securing my wireless network

    hey guys

    i currently live in a little village in spain where next to nobody has the internet let alone a wireless card to tap into my wireless lan.

    But i'm moving to barcelona for a while so want to secure it.

    Now i've read about having it setup to request a password to be able to connect but i can't quite figure it out.

    My adsl is connected to a router with a built in hub, it feeds 3 computers via wire and then i have a wireless base station connected to the last output in the hub.

    that wireless base station isn't connected to any pc so where to do i go to setup password requirement, should i do it in the router?


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    Enable WEP 128 Bit at the AP
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    thanks, what's the AP ? access point? which would be the base station?

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    Wouldn't bother with WEP, go for WPA if your access point can offer it. If not then your stuck with WEP.

    You should be able to access a control panel for the access point via an IP (check the manual) or via some software that came with it, again, check the manual for info.

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    aha, thanks steve, i can access the router via ip and was wondering if the base station was something similar, i'll have to dig up an online manual, lord knows where the one that came with it is


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    You might need to use MAC address filtering at the same time.

    Every Network Interface Card (NIC) will have its own MAC address. So, by limitting access to those NIC that you own or allowed, others with different MAC address will not be able to access to your network.

    Do not broadcast your SSID as well. I believe your wireless AP will have this function, though I'm not 100% sure.

    All in all, WEP, MAC address filtering are not as secure as WPA. I've read an article saying FBI in the US has demonstrated WEP hacking in 3 minutes. WEP key and MAC address can be easily spoofed using some hacking tools. Hence, I would strongly suggect you to use WPA and forget about the rest if your wireless AP has this security feature.

    Good luck, dude.
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