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    stable/cheap plesk based host

    Im looking for recommendations on a stable/cheap plesk based host, reason being is because I was told by members on this board that I can accomplish this:

    I have 3 domains:

    and I would like to offer spaces with the ' ~ '

    Currently with whm/cpanel I can't do this, only the "head" domain can have the ~smokey but I was told that with plesk, I can have any domain to do this.

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    This is Apache's userdir feature, nothing to do with WHM/cPanel

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    I think WHM sets this up by default.

    It may not be able to track bandwidth properly.
    You may be limited in your /~sitename to the number of characters that WHM usernames are limited to.
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    I've tried with WHM, can you please show me how to do it successfully?

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