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    Appraisal (SITE):


    Registered (validated emails) users: Almost 10,000

    New members/ day : ~ 50

    Pages of original, unique content: Hundreds!

    Uniques/day: 3,000 ish

    Over 9,000 registered for newsletter

    Contact with band's manager, record companies/ marketing companies etc. (ie. free sponsored give-aways etc)

    Revenue: Havent really tried maximising revenue. But earnt over $200 last month with searchfeed.

    Came 3rd in the DMA04 awards (BT YAHOO!) - in the People's Choice Award for Best Unofficial Music Site (Top 500 sites are listed). As shortlisted, had TV coverage.

    Interviews with band managers etc. (Through webchat system) can be arranged easily.

    How much, if I were to sell this would it be worth?

    Community Muse fansite -

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    I wouldn't sell it...I'd try to generate more ad revenue, you have very limited advertising on a very busy site, you could earn a lot more than you currently are.

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    Try maximizing revenue before selling, you might be surprised

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    Tried before, I dont know HOW to maximise it though. Its a tricky one. The members are quite young (e.g. 16 --> 25).
    Community Muse fansite -

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