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  1. #1 Unreachable, E&K Wade still taking money from my paypal account!!!?

    It's been 3 months since sold out to Hosting Blocks which is now M.I.A.

    In another post Travis mentioned b/c of all the server hassle, everyone will be getting a free month, fine, but since hosting blcoks took over, I am still getting charged by e&k wade enterprises, the first few Months Travis said he'll just the money from them. Fine, but now, i have no way of getting a hol dof fastaction or hostingblcoks, and I am still getting charged by E&K..

    I've cancelled the subscription to e&K now... not sure why they didn;t themselves... E&K, why are they still taking money??? I'd be happy to pay, IF SOMEONE JUST RESPONDED TO AN EMAIL OR PICKED UP THE PHONE!!!

    I just paid for another month to E&K, so i guess I get another 30 days of, sites maybe online, but no garantee or support... How about one post in the forums to explain something as to whats going on?
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    I'm not sure if I understand your post fully (with all the spelling & punctuation errors ), but if you have a paypal subscription with them, just cancel the subscription and move elsewhere. There is no reason why they should be charging you multiple times if you have already paid.

    Sorry if I didn't understand correctly.

    Edit: I just saw you said that you cancelled the subscription. If you did this through paypal, there is no way the host can charge your further. Go over your paypal history and make sure you have no active subscriptions.
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    Yeah, or report it to PayPal. If somehow you still got charged, they can research your account a little and refund your money if it was there faults. This happened to my friend once, and now paypal has updated that recurring thing.

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    too bad so sad

    [i]O (with all the spelling & punctuation errors ),

    Sorry if I didn't understand correctly.
    heh heh, sorry for the spelling disaster, still had sleep in my eyes, a quick vent of frustration, haha,

    I didn't think anyone would respond, definitely not support? (reverse psychology) please respond hostingblocks, at least post a valid email address?)

    I think i would even accept a "we are working on it, timeline 2 weeks to completion of new server and configs all around, at least we'll know, and won;t jump ship is fright, or even if not, if thats the point, just let us know that you aren;t going to fix anything, and at least we know.

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    Just to let you know, the PayPal account was also handed off to HostingBlocks.

    Now the good news: Fast Action Hosting is back in business and full service will be restored VERY shortly. We will have control of that PayPal account again as well.

    See this thread for more information.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding,
    Eric Wade
    Fast Action Hosting, INC.

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    What makes people think you won't sell out again and leave the clients in the dust?
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    All servers are fully operational again.
    Eric Wade
    Fast Action Hosting, INC.

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    I have a server with Server Blocks, also owned by Travis. I haven't heard from Travis in months. I want to cancel the server but have no way of contacting him. I hope he doesn't show up 6 months from now expecting back-payments.

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    PM me with your contact details, server name, primary IP and I will attempt to contact him to find out what the story is. We have taken over their shared hosting accounts.

    Eric Wade
    Fast Action Hosting, INC.

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