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    Server Trobleshooting - Starts at $30!!! If we cant fix it... its free.

    Lately we have been doing alot of trobleshooting of issues that other people were not able to fix. Some examples of recent problems:

    - PHP started segfaulting for no reason. First thought was MMCACHE being compiled for an older version of php. Came up negative. The problem was due to installing zend optimizer on a php install with hardened php installed. It was a bad install of hardened php however. Had to take other means to determine if it was hardened php as the version was not showing up in phpinfo etc. (ie use strings on the binary). This was resolved in under an hour.

    - Server crashing due to a kernel opps. This was passed though a few people before it was given to us to work on. We noticed the kernel oops right away. This was due to an unstable version of a certain hardware driver compiled as a module for kernel. We recompiled the kernel and used an stable source code for the module.

    - This next problem we encounted several times now. /dev/null receiving the wrong permissions every day at the same time causing things to fail. A firewall script had a rules file symlinked to /dev/null causing it to change the permissions when the rules reloaded.

    - Server with grsecurity was segfaulting at random times binarys such as ls, make, etc. Couldnt even build a new kernel. This was using 2.6.9-grsec. Apparently the grsecurity was set to low which shouldnt have segfaulted it. I am not sure as we did not do it. However we tried to boot to an older kernel. (original 2.4 kernels). These failed on reboot due to not loading modules. Module-init-tools was incorrectly installed.. Figures... So we then compiled a static kernel ( no modules ) on one of our test boxes, scp'ed it to the clients box booted to it. Replaced the modutiles, and updated to the most recent 2.4 kernel from RHEL. Server worked great after. Even performed better then the prior 2.6+grsec kernel.

    That is just a taste of the problems we have encountered. We can do the same for you starting at $30/hr. Paid upon completion and problem resolution. Limited slots. Act quick.

    Contact: [email protected]
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