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    Help needed with wireless network

    I'm using a linksys wireless router model BEFW11S4 and my signal is at good. The wirless router is in the house and i'm in the garage. How can i get the signal up?

    I can't run a cat5 to the garage so it has to be done wireless. I thought about a signal booster but i plan on getting a notebook and i want to use it anywhere in the garage.

    It would be nice if i could get another BEFW11S4 and put it in the garage so i could get online anywhere and that one would talk to the other one. lol

    someone please help, i don't know much about it it's 802.11b

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    There are a couple of options. Linksys makes replacement antennas for many of their access points that are higher gain than the stock ones. This may increase the signal enough for you. Another option would be a repeater that uses the houses existing wiring such as this one from netgear
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    hey thanks that looks cool.

    If i could get a linksys wap11 and use it as a Repeater in the garage do you think that would work?

    I'm trying to find something i can get at a local store. You know how that is they don't have much to pick from.

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    Could you move to access point to somewhere nearer the garage or get a second acess point and setup a mesh? - Hosting with Integrity

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    Originally posted by corevps
    Could you move to access point to somewhere nearer the garage or get a second acess point and setup a mesh?
    okay i don't understand what you mean? The router is as close to the garage as it can be.

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    Probably not going to get any better. IMO, I have played a Halo game on "bad" ad the University...

    With good, you should be down to about 5mbps. Still more then your internet connection can pump out.
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    anyone please?

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    Just to cover the basics,
    Have you changed channels? try 11 if not
    is their any power control to boost power?
    Make sure the router is 2 -3 ft from the ground, not near electronics (monitor) big speakers, cordless phone base)
    Make sure the receiving adaptor and router are not surrounded by metal.

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