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    Sample Chapters Reprint

    Hello All,

    I tried to find the answer in the search engines, could not find one... Sorry if it's already answered.

    I would like to know reprinting sample chapters from books is legal.... I will have a link to the site where the user can purchase the book with the price and reviews...

    for examples, oreilly site sample chapters section

    this links has a sample chapter ,, is it OK to keep the all the details from the site like book screenshot and a link to the orially site, sample chapter reprinted in my site instead of sending the user to that site...


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    Generally I would say no, you cannot rip a webpage and re-publish it even with attribution. If you are an affiliate you can usually take promotional blurbs and re-copy them but I don't think that would apply to sample chapters. The book is owned by the author, he may have given the publisher certain reprint/sample rights but gave none to you. If you are an affiliate then why not ask them.

    While digging around the O'Reilly site I cam upon this job opportunity.

    Anti-Piracy Internet Specialist (Safari Books Online)

    We're looking for someone who enjoys the challenge of outsmarting copyright violators at their own game. Through referrals and research you will be responsible for finding and analyzing pirated content, as well as determining and reporting how much content is available illegally and what level of security is necessary to provide our online services groups with reasonable safeguards for their content. The ideal candidate will be someone who is passionate about copyright compliance and thrives on deterring scammers and other copyright violators.

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    Thanks for the reply virginia...

    I have emailed them asking for permission to permissions at Oreilly asking them about reprint....

    For permission to use text, code, or images from our books, please send us a brief email describing the specific information you'd like to reproduce and the final destination for or purpose of the reproduction.

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