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    AYKSolutions down?

    Is it just me or has AYKSolutions gone down completely? I noticed my sites and their own website were unavailable from about 1:00AM GMT (the time [GMT] is now 11:22AM). Does anyone know what's going on?

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    Yes, all my sites with them are down too. I make it about 12 hours downtime now. Tyoma - at least give us an idea of what's going on.

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    It's coming up to 24 hours now. If they're not back online tomorrow morning I'll be looking for a new host.

    If I remember correctly, I paid for 99.9% uptime. So far there's been one short outage, several days without CPanel and now this. I need my websites back online ASAP (or preferably, right now).

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    Yes, still down. If you find a host with similar prices please let me know.

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    I also have a website with them:
    Still down and no explanation until this moment.

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    Looks like they're back online now...

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    You know what would be nice though? An explanation.

    I have heard nothing from AYKSolutions about the mysterious downtime, and they will not answer my emails.

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    Yeah, I feel exactly the same - not one word.

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    Excellent, they're down AGAIN.

    And I bet they won't be back up this weekend. AYKSolutions have now proved themselves to be a VERY POOR HOST.

    They have not answered any of my emails requesting a refund after the last downtime; I was still in my 30 day refund period when I emailed them requesting this, now I'm not so I doubt they'll even refund me now. If the owner even bothers reading this forum anymore (doubtful since he clearly cares little about us customers) then I want an explanation NOW.

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    The problem that I need to get money back from AYKSolutions. It's quite simple really, I cannot afford to keep buying more hosting when they f*ck up.

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    Hi Somebody - did you manage to get your money back? I've also moved my accounts away and been emailing them about my refund and to stop the recurring payments but I've heard nothing back.

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    I have managed to get in contact with the owner and discussed it. I won't place details here though.

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