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    * SHOUTcast & Windows Media Streaming services for you!

    Hello there ,

    If you are in need of professional Shoutcast or Windows Media streaming, please feel free to check out our site is a debt free company, well established in the media market. We provide streaming solutions for internet radio utilizing the fantastic free-to-download Shoutcast system and now also Windows Media technology as introduced recently.

    We can offer audio streaming in the following popular bitrates for both SHOUTcast and Windows Media:

    24k | 32k | 48k | 56k | 64k | 96k | 128k
    - Your Shoutcast Streaming
    - Your Windows Media Streaming

    We also have 3 great value "streaming in-a-box" packages:

    24k Shoutcast Server (Max. 20 Listeners)
    48k Shoutcast Server (Max 15 Listeners)
    64k Shoutcast Server (Max 10 Listeners)
    24k Shoutcast Server (Max. 40 Listeners)
    56k Shoutcast Server (Max 15 Listeners)
    96k Shoutcast Server (Max 15 Listeners)
    24k Shoutcast Server (Max. 50 Listeners)
    56k Shoutcast Server (Max 25 Listeners)
    128k Shoutcast Server (Max 20 Listeners)

    Why not tune into our Demo Stream.

    Thankyou for your time, feel free to contact us with any comments or questions



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    I have to comment on these services. I use to use there ShoutCast Streaming Services, and they are great. It was never down, and they are offer great scripts and what not to put on my website for easy listening, etc the list goes on. Great Service

    Anthony B.

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