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    Hi all, i set up an account with Hostlogical on the 24/02/05

    i got a basic package which was set up after a few days. i also paid them to register my domain which to date, still hasnt been registered. i have e-mailed all the links on the site and used the help line, which is a mobile number which can never take your call.

    i have had no replys to anything.

    is there anything i can do or have i been scammed?

    Cheers Lee

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    Seems that they have not provided any phone number over the web-site. If you say that you have the phone number, then you will surely need to get in touch with this company. Also when you do a whois look-up for this company the domain it also does not contain any information in regards to the telephone number.

    It would be recommended to you to try and get in touch with this company which is one way to get back your money.

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    i who-is the domauin and there was a mobile number wheich is the help line. there is also an administrators name, which i have traced using BT and rung the house number but to no avail.

    it would seem that they dont want to talk to me

    even using the help desk they dont reply

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    Seems that they're getting both good and bad reviews: if I was you, i'd jump ship with my hosting, then continue to try and get in touch with them to get your money back.

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