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    $20-$40 for logo

    Hello i am looking to have a logo made for a anime entertainment company called Anifreak please pm me your logo when it is made i am will to pay up to 40 dollars for the best one. Thanks alot and good luck.

    slogan: Anifreak Entertianment or an anifreak company.

    Thanks again i look forward to seeing your work.

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    Unfortunately today I am quite busy with looking for a new property. I will post up a few designs tomorrow for you to look at.

    Please be patient if you're looking for quality
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    Is there any page that we could look at to get a feal for your site?

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    not any pages off the top of my head but just think a anime related logo

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    still looking.

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    hi made this banners before i think u post this ad before i dunno when anyways here it is

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    yes i am looking for a logo not a banner i have the money ready to pay for the first good one i see.

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    still looking. I will up it to 20-100 dollars

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    still looking

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    a profesional logo much like

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