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    ok guys. I know you all prolly hate seein a newb join the scene but I help run a ircd net and am lookin to get a decent cheap server that will allow both ircd and filesharing capabilities.. would greatly appreciate any ideas.

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    How do you intend to go about the filesharing and do you have the necessary copyrights or written permission from the copyright owners to share those files ?

    And for IRC, are you looking at a stand alone IRC server or would it be linked to a greater network ?

    The reason I asked is because IRC and FileSharing can be a sticky issue when it comes to hosting it. If it is borderlining towards the illegal end, you might get less takers because of the legal repercussions which might come with it especially now that the copyright owners and the laws are getting tough on anything illegal.

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    Well I was thinking of hosting a webserver that might have network related files.

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    welcome to wht

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