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    Developed hosting directory script FOR SALE - $50

    Good day

    We offer You to start own web-hosting directory with minimal fundings. Specially for You developed script for web-hosting directories, which allow You to start own for only $50. This is price for one site licence.

    Script features:

    * Unlimited categories
    * Templates based visualization engine (easy design changing)
    * Submition to several categories at once (limited by admin)
    * Company's control panel for changing personal info
    * News autoupdate module (via RSS from popular hosting news web-site)
    * Contact us form
    * Admin control panel for database full control
    * Email notification of new registration
    * Outgoing click counting
    * 3 simple layouts includes (red, green and blue color scheme) /updated!/

    Installiation is easy and includes next steps:
    1) editing CONFIG file, where you specify db parameters
    2) Setting proper access rights for files and directories

    By default 3 simple layouts included - but they could be changed easy WITHOUT editing of php files. Just edit .html templates and get new look.

    Script developed by
    Script price - $50
    More information available at

    Contact me for any questions
    HostNodeList Web Host Directory, DEV.INTOEX.COM - products for online business

    Experienced web-developer | PHP | Smarty | Zend | Databases | Graphic design - looking for long-time relationship

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    Does your directory provide for the following;

    Sub categories
    Sponsored listings within cateogries
    Search engine friendly urls?

    Do you provide installation?

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