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    Exclamation NEW! Mailing List Service

    Hey All,

    Just wanted to let you know we started a mailing list service to cater all your promotional needs!

    This just some of the things we offer:
    *Unlimited Subscribers Allowed
    *Import Your Own Subscriber Lists
    *Custom Subscriber Groups
    *Full Web Administration
    *HTML and Text Options
    *Code generator to add sign up form to your site
    *Rich content
    *Custom HTML template creation
    *Drafts folder
    *Active sent newsletter archive
    *Send both Text and HTML with one click

    Here are the special price details of our plans:

    Setup Cost - *Free*

    Monthly Cost (for 10,000 email send out)

    Monthly Cost (for 20,000 email send out)

    Monthly Cost (for 40,000 email send out)

    Monthly Cost (for 100,000 email send out)

    Monthly Cost (for 10,000 email send out over limit)

    *Also, we do not allow spammers. We only support actual newletters or informational send outs to only those who SUBSCRIBE to your list.

    PM me to find out more info!

    Thanks to all!

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    just curious, but why do I have to pm?
    Is it not a legit service? If this is your business, then please go ahead and post the link.


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    I do not believe in posting links on forums. It just attracts people who are not serious. If you are serious, then please PM me for more info. Thanks.

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