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    Where to find pics for templates?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew any good places to find pictures (servers,people,etc.) that can be used for hosting templates and stuff? I don't mind if it cost money.

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    Some good websites out there are:

    There are more, you can also use the search feature from this board.

    Sergio D.

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    Make sure you read the License of those websites. Even the so called free stock photos can usually only be used for personal projects, so if you play to make templates/sites for customers and sell them you'll have to search for real royalty free sites where you pay per image/image collection or a fixed price for one month/six months/one year,etc subscription.

    like and so on.

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    we use its really good and well priced.

  5. #5 - good prices and big photo base

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    Hi - and have fantastic quality; up to you whether to go with royalty free or licensed images!

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    I would recommend, although they cost money, they offer great high quality images and lots of them!

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    I recommend Corbis also. The price isn't that bad when you look at the quality of their images.

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    Originally posted by S.Diaz
    Some good websites out there are:

    Thats a quick way to get in trouble. Istockphoto strictly prohibits the use of its images in templates see right box on this page and encourages contests for its many users to report on images used in templates.

    Bigstockphoto also specifically states the only way you can use an image in a template is if you pay for the use of the image in each and every template you sell. Istockphoto incidentally doesn't even allow that. They just don't want the images in templates period.

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