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    * Has anyone Queried a Domain Name..

    at a registrar and found that it was available, and a few days later found that that registrar registered it for themselves? I had this to happen a few times & was wondering if anyone else experienced this. I've since learned not to do that!

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    That just basically means that you are not going with reliable companies. Some companies implement scripts that track what domain names were queried, if they like your idea... Then they might just use it for their own best interest. Very awful sorry to hear.

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    My suggestion is do your brainstorming on a site such as . Most registrars particularly the larger ones have better things to do than searching cache queries. I use to think there was a conspiracy years ago myself until I figured out there are more people in this world than just me.

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    So far I haven't experienced it myself, but I've heard of cases
    where the domain got registered only 1 day after the query.

    Thinking about the growing number of internet users interested
    in a domain name, and the fact that the available number of short
    and popular names is decreasing every day, it can well be just a

    Still looking for a sheri.domain ?


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    I'm just curious, what registrar was that?

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    One was Network Solutions . The domains were never pointed to a site & emails to it bounced.

    The one I wanted for my home-based business expired January of this year & whois is saying "pending delete". I've been watching it everyday but, they haven't let it go yet. I initially queried the domain in January 2000 & it was available. That registrar has had it since then. For a while it was not being used. Then later it was redirected to another domain of a site with a similar business; but this last year it wasn't being used.
    I don't want to mention this company because they might be watching!
    Wish me luck!

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    10,573 isn't life sometimes it show isn't taken while it is taken

    i'd say check them using no one ever complained about this.

    i heared back in 90s networksolutions used todo it, but not anymore! seems they are back for what they are doing?
    or maybe someone was using backorder service and got it before you do
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