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    Webalizer Restart?

    One of our most popular sites does not have Webalizer or Awstats working since March 20th.
    All other domains seem to be fine.

    We're on a dedicated box .. what are some steps we can do to have it start again?

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    Hi !

    In some (rare) case, a bad timestamp value is inserted in the logs. In that case, that stupid webaliser wont consider any logs prior to that date, even if it was only one little bad record. As a concequence, it will totaly stop to calculate the logs, even if you had many new requests.

    The only way to have it restart to do the stats is to rebuild it from the begining. To acheive that, you must first delete all previously calculated stats (rm *.html *.png webalizer.*) and restart the calculation manualy.

    If you need, you can use the scripts provided in my hosting project homepage :

    You will find those example scripts under the changelog part of the project (dtccalc.php and Have a look in it, and modify those scripts according to your needs.


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