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    Merchant accounts in Europe ??


    I am from Germany and need a merchant account. I found Worldpay but it is not really a merchant account and especially they keep the money for 4 weeks which is something that I am not at all comfortable about.

    I found one company that offers merchant account but that company had totally wicked fees like $0.5 per transaction + 5.5%. That is not acceptable especially since I have to process low value payments ($3).

    Is there any merchant account available for companies in Europe that do not charge you an arm and a leg, give you the money immediately and make it look like you are processing the credit card payment yourself ?

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    I doubt that or can help you, both of them charge you at least the 4 - 5% in processing and have a transaction fee.

    What you will need is a processor which can offer you a low transaction fee..Don't know if you can get it much lower then 0,25/transaction.

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    and Chronopay has high rates for you too

    Average transaction fee in EU is around 0.30
    Processing fee is 3%-5%
    Credit card processing, online check/ACH and EuroDebit payment solutions for the Internet merchants

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