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    Offer jobs for server admins, tech support, etc, a data center, is offering jobs for server admins, tech supports, etc.

    Server Admin qualifications:
    *Knowledge of working with servers
    *Know ASP.NET well, and other programming languages are highly preferable.
    *Be able to work well with both MSSQL & MySQL, H-Sphere CP
    *Comfortable when working with Windows & Linux servers
    *Answer help tickets

    Online Tech Support qualifications:
    *Knowledge about webhosting business
    *Knowledge of H-Sphere Control Panel (demo on our website)
    *Have access to the Internet & be able to answer the clients promptly during your working hours

    For more information, please visit or contact me via email or IM at:
    webhostmarketing @

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    I would like to contact you via AIM, but I noticed you are currently not on. What are your usual ours of getting online?

    Best Regards,
    Former owner of 275mb, DKMHosting, and Easy-Upload

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    I am currently online now. Please contact me via Yahoo IM: webhostmarketing

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    Resume sent. I hope to be working for your hosting company in the near future.

    Best Regards,
    Former owner of 275mb, DKMHosting, and Easy-Upload

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    I am intrested in you offer. Just sented our resume.
    AssistanZ - Beyond Boundaries...
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