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    How big is EV1-servers?

    The EV1 sales department sent me a postcard, as they normally do, confirming my recent order and credit card charge. It was a different ammount than when I ordered, so I email them to correct the problem. Got no response.

    Then, I called the number as instructed on the postcard which goes to sales, after telling him the whole story, he forwarded me to the customer service, who asked me to tell the whole story again, and he forward me to a (god-only-knows) department, and I had to repeat the story. That person found out that I was billed for a different type of server, and then said he submited a trouble ticket to another (god-only-remember) department to correct the problem, asking me to check the trouble ticket response on the member area later.

    I am sure many of you have dealt with fairly big companies and never seen a simple problem made by sales having to be redirected to four different departments and still not taken care of, but you have to wait for the reply through the trouble ticket.

    What the hell is their customer service for if they don't have the authority to reverse a simple error?

    I am a little discouraged to have my servers there since it is becoming like a socialist structure, where you have to pass through a hell lot of red tapes to get a simple thing done.

    The structure of EV1 is definitly not for growth, but will hinder growth and drive their customers to competitors. That's how those thriving companies in the past, such as Network Solutions, lost in the battle field of business. Not a smart structure.

    Let's say, you walked into a Walmart customer service department, and after talking to you, they asked you to meet the casher, and the casher send you to the manager, and the manager forward a memo to the director of sales, and ask you to go home and wait for the reply. If that is the case, you know that Walmart would never become as big as today, but the day they set up a structure like that, that would be the beginning of downfall.

    What do you guys think?

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