Please PM or email with any offers and any offer should be in the $xxxx range please don't waste your time with any less. I will not split the package up unless you plan on paying as much as it would cost for all.

I'm looking for additional offers on and the domains and sites listed. All cities have a population of 100k or more. Each site is keyword loaded for each city. Each domain is it's own site as in has it's own database/admin etc. All sites are using PHPads for banners.

Most have only been live for a couple of months using an alternative script which wasn't getting indexed past the first page so I've spent the last few weeks developing them as you see now but most of them are getting visited by the main SE's. A handful 8 or so just went live during this last few weeks of development. 4 or 5 have some DB issues but those will be fixed in the next few days.

The scripts running these pull feeds from Google, MSN, DMOZ, and two PPC feeds aswell as it's own. They can be setup to all use one DB but I decided on each having it's own since they are individual sites. Please Note: IM NOT SELLING YOU THE SCRIPT. You can obtain your own license from the script developer at no additional cost but you must keep their links.

Revenue is not a factor of this sale. They are new and the script I had on these up until the past few weeks only used one PPC feed and the only results were theirs.

At the moment all sites are using about 1 gig of storage but I'm not caching the searches which would speed up the searches. Total traffic is unknown and without several hours of calculating it can't be determined. All are hosted under one reseller account on my server. If you wish to keep there we can work out a deal on the hosting. If you decide to move it can be done easily especially if you use cpanel.

I do have the script to add the free email which works with CPanel but haven't added to each yet. Can also add a free hosting sub-domain signup script aswell.

The majority of names are registered with all are free pushes or will be before transferring to the buyer.

The sites and domains that are included are as follows:

Two additional setup with the old site. I do have all files for the above domains with this script aswell which uses

80 City Sites in total and

I might include

depending on the deal we work out.

Please PM with any offers or question you may have.