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    PMOS Helpdesk - No emails created

    After all the good things I've heard of the PMOS Helpdesk, I decided to try it for myself. I must say that for a free program, it is excellent! I also have eSupport, and PMOS is pretty comparable (at least in my mind). (I'm trying to get PMOS set up for a client who can't afford something such as eSupport).

    Anyhow, I'm having a problem with emails. I've tried both the piping (forwarding) method, as well as the pop3. Either way I try, no tickets are created from the emails. Even with pop3, I click on the link to "Fetch emails and create tickets". It does so, and tells me that emails were retrieved. But, I go back to browse tickets, and nothing is there. Piping does the same. Exim log shows the email piped correctly to email-forward.php. But no tickets are created.

    Has anyone expirenced this, or have any suggestions? Maybe I could be pointed to a place to download it again (other than the main site)?



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    Quite a few people have had this problem. If someone works out a fix, I'll post it to the site.

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    I got it working, and I believe this is what did it (it's been a little while though).

    Open up email-parse.php and comment out the following lines like so (lines 149, 150, & 151 for me):

    PHP Code:
    // Determine if this user is banned
    // if( get_row_count( "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM {$pre}options WHERE ( (name = 'banned_emails' && text LIKE '%{$email}%') || (name = 'banned_ips' && text LIKE '%{$ip}%') ) " ) )
    // return false; 
    Emails are created fine now. I don't think you can ban people, though, as this removes that check. Probably re-structuring the query would fix it too.. But this fixes the email problem.

    Hope that helps.


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