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    Online Unicode Lookup?

    Is there an easy way online I can decode some utf characters (I think) from a url? For example, "%D1%81%D0" was passed in the url and I'd like to know if that is a potential hack. Thanks.

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    Hello, has unicode info and a good ascii table is at

    D1H is 209 decimal
    81H is 129 decimal
    D0H is 208 decimal

    You can get those characters by holding ALT and typing the decimal equivelent on the number pad. Unless the charset is modified via the webserver, I would think what you see as a result of using the ALT+numpad combo was passed by that URL. I tried posting the characters, but they do not come up correctly when I submit the post. They are just a few random weird symbols. Who knows what the heck it could mean..

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