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    CredibleHost Review - One Year

    Hey all

    I thought I'd give my review of CredibleHost who I've now been with for just over a year. Note; I've submitted a request for my account to be cancelled today.

    -- The Good Bit

    I began my account in February 2004 after hearing some excellent opinions for it on WHT. I signed up with a great WHT Special package they offered at that time.

    Bonnie helped me through all the troubles I had when I initially set up my account (I was new to the whole thing, so I needed help). She was a great support and was fast at answering my questions.

    I had no trouble for a long time and even when I had to switch my details she was plesant and did so for me immediately. This is truly indeed a great service with an excellent web host who knows what she's doing.

    -- The Bad Bit

    However, in the last few months I've had several downtimes and support has seriously been lacking. Support software has changed numerous times and I've found myself coming to grips with different software just to get help with something. Forum support, which is supposedly offered takes days to be answered.

    In the last couple of months I've had in total about two weeks of downtime, which is a really long time. None of the customers received immediate support in this time, it took days for answers to come in as to why it was down. In this time many customers left due to the poor quality of service. I stuck with them because at that time the accounts I did have on my server were only personal ones so downtime wasn't that big of a deal to me.

    -- The Finisher

    As I've now ventured into more prominent clients and am halfway through setting my own business I felt it was time I moved to pastures new, a company who have better support. I have now submitted a request for my account to be cancelled at CredibleHost and I look forward to working hard to bring in serious clients for my new company.

    -- Closer

    This post/thread is intended in no way to harm Bonnie/CredibleHost's reputation, but to give you a review of the service I have received.


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    Yes, We had a simular problem... The service was great until eventually the support seemed to just stop.

    Lets all hope Credible is or gets back to its old good standard

    ~ Matt
    ~ GigeServers for DDOS-Protected Dedicated Servers ~ ~

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    I appreciate your diplomacy, but I don't think the "kind criticisms" adequately describe the crediblehost experience.

    I was with them over a year. two years ago they were the best around. However, about six months ago or so they TOTALLY fell to pieces.

    In their forums people would complain that they had been waiting days, and even weeks (yes, weeks) for replies to trouble tickets, etc. Then when people would get a reply, often Linda (assistant to owner) would reply that she acknowledged the problem, but would have to "get hold of bonnie" (owner) to fix it (Linda did not have authority to fix many problems).

    But there were many periods when bonnie could not be contacted, making the problems drag on even more days. There were also periods when bonnie seemed to disappear for week(s), leaving her staff no way to repair problems they were not authorized to touch.

    In a recent massive server change of most, if not all their hosted accounts, many people lost sites, databases, etc. The resolution to those problems dragged on for weeks. One poor sap who lost everything (and unfortunately had no backup) contacted support to ask for them to restore from their backup. Linda said bonnie (as always) had the backup and she was working on it. What must have been close to 2 months (yes, months!) later, after being repeatedly told many, many times "bonnie is working on it." he was told, sorry, no backup could be found.

    I could go on and on with more horror stories, but I won't.

    I will simply say that complaints and poor support still seem to exist at crediblehost, even tho their promise is to change.

    My recommendation is to stay far, far away from them.


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    An example of what can happen to all companies if you dont manage things in a certain way.

    Not sure whats happened here, but somethings gone really wrong!

    ~ Matt
    ~ GigeServers for DDOS-Protected Dedicated Servers ~ ~

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    Something happened in Bonnie's personal life that directly impacted service. At the same time CH was the target of multiple ddos attacks for some reason. To top it off CH was slow to respond to the growing concern many hosts had over PaySystems. They say PS continued to charge customers after CH left them. It went on for a long time and depleted their reserve funds.

    Whatever the problem was, it still remains. They were such a great host that last year I paid for the year in full. BIG MISTAKE. I cancelled in November and am still awaiting my refund. I'll never see it. I'm with Canned_Heat - CH was once the best shared host around. But stay far away now....

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    The "magic" server is down right now - and just my luck, the forums are on that server too

    Does anyone still have Bonnie's phone number (it was posted in the forums...)?

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    I have 3 numbers but none of them work.... I'm gonna send Linda a PM on here, hopefully that will work

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    It just came back up

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    Finally! Had Apache crashed?

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    I don't know Daniel, I noted that pop/smtp was still up, so I'm guessing it was an Apache issue

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