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    Handful of Great Domains

    I have a handful of domains, I'm looking to get rid of -- mostly because I haven't had the time to put anything towards them (like I thought I would).

    If you're interested, make me an offer, and we'll go from there.

    All are registered at NameCheap. :  Expires: 08/21/2005 :  Expires:  01/15/2006  (great if you were looking to do a FreeiPod type website - give away gift certificates for free, or something like that) :  Expires: 06/10/2005 (MoveableType skin website?) : Expires:  01/20/2006  (Sell IE Toolbars ?)  : Expires 01/20/2006 (Registered a typo by mistake)  : Expires: 07/20/2005  (an anon type Targeted Advert Stats site?)  :  Expires:  06/29/2005  (Targeted Stats website?)  : Expires: 07/23/2005  (Sell Turneky Traffic websites - or reseller accounts? )

    I'm looking for at least $20-30 for these(via PayPal). If you want to make an offer, PM me, and welll go from there.  No decent offer will be refused.  I'd rather see someone do something with these, than have it just go to waste.


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    For one thing, it's movabletype, not moveabletype

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